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Jack 08-03-2004 02:03 AM

Re: Creating a network with a single wireless computer

It will work the way you describe it.

You would have to put a regular NIC in the computer with the Wireless
Client, connect the Hub to the Wired NIC and the 16 computers to it you will
need to set manual IPs or have a DHCP server on the source computer.

Doing so would creates two Networks. Network One on the Router, and network
Two on the Hub.

If you use WinXP you can Bridge the two Networks.

However it is much simpler to leave the Wireless computer alone and connect
a consumer Bridge to the hub (like Linksys WET11) . The 16 computers can be
connected with wires to the Hub and you will have One big "Family"

About Wireless Modes here:

Jack (MVP-Networking).

"JEWLS8896" <> wrote in message
> We are a training facility. We would like to set up a classroom with up to

16 computers through a single wireless connection. Here's what I'd like to
do: I would have one computer with a wireless NIC card that would connect to
the network through a wireless router. 16 additional computers would connect
to the one wireless computer through standard cable connections using a hub.
Would this work or do all 17 computers have to have wireless NIC cards?
> TIA,
> Julie Kleckner
> Cincinnati, OH

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