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Renee 01-24-2005 03:04 PM

Bought HP 4x6 Premium Plus photo paper that cost me 17 cents per sheet
This might be helpful for anyone who has an HP printer that takes (#56) #57
and #58 cartridges, and who prints their own photos at home. has a value pack that includes one color
cartridge #57, one photo cartridge #58, and one pack of 150 4x6 Premium Plus
Glossy Photo Paper (their best besides High Gloss) for $69.99 , with free shipping. There's a $10 coupon code
using SV9355 you can enter at check-out - Expires: 1-27-05.

The least expensive color and photo cartridge prices I found were at #57 color for $28.88 and #58 photo for $20.87 for a total
of $49.75.

$69.99 hp's total
- 10.00 coupon
- 49.75 if purchase cartridges elsewhere at lowest price
10.75 for 150 4x6 sheets

works out to 7 cents per sheet

That's a great price considering that 4x6 premium plus paper usually cost
30 - 60 cents per sheet at other places, depending on the size pack you buy

I don't usually print photos but the price and convenience of having the
photo paper and photo ink on hand, as compared to using outside printers, is
too good to pass up. I'm going to start scrapbooking as a new hobby and plan
to combine digital and traditional elements on my pages. Some photos will be
printed on 4x6 and mounted, and others will be resized as a collection onto
8 1/2 x 11 that'll be cut and mounted or made into complete digital layouts.
I've been looking at what others have done and think that really looks like
fun! Some of these scrapbook people are so creative.

My friend bought a Canon A95 (on my advice) and photo printer and printed
out some prints for me. They looked fantastic, just like prints from a
commercial printer would look. So I thought "hey, I can probably do that,too
.." I have an All-In-One printer that takes photo cartridges to make a 6-ink
system that I never tried. I decided to use the HP brand photo paper because
many people say you get the best results when you use inks and paper made by
the same printer manufacturer. And for archival purposes I decided to start
with their best, which is supposed to be the Premium Plus.

Hope this helps someone else. Well, I'm off to the scrapbooking ng's.
Comments or advice with my hobby welcomed!


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