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marv 09-06-2004 10:07 PM

help with olympus c8080 please send copy of answer to
I would like my camera to DEFAULT to no compensation no bkt asa 100

What happens if I set to keep the last settings NO RESET….. I do


I shoot a shot with bracketing and -3 compensation..

I turn off the camera

I put back on… if I forget to change all I will shoot the next
picture with those settings…

I set up the button on the top to be a button for Mymode so that
number one is those settings…

I thought after I take all my pix at whatever settings. Id just set to
mymode 1.. shoot a pic… and then when I came back on it would go to my

That does NOT work.

Any ideas….. I forget to look… I grab the camera and I have a problem
because it was set to the last settings.

IF I go the other way and don't do the no reset.. it defaults to HQ
and that's not what I want


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