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John Augustine 03-29-2006 05:47 PM

Report About the Latest Software Tools, etc.

Below is the latest list of software tools, etc. Some of these you
can download from Type the filename (without
quotes), example: "" in the "search" box at that site.

Please remove "ine" in the email address if you would like to contact
me for more details.

BEACONS1.ZIP "Beacons" V1.1 (freeware)

Use to identify radio beacons around the world. Also, shows which
beacons are not heard due to loss of propagation.
BREAKDN3.ZIP "Break Down" V1.3

"Break down" a huge text file at specified locations into smaller
files or extract "marked" parts (only) into files. File splitters
use byte or line counting which is not always ideal.
CLN-TXT2.ZIP "Clean Text" V1.2 (freeware)

"Cleans" a document of all non-text characters (except carriage
returns and line feeds). A counter reports the quantify of non-text
and tab characters.
"Columns Formatter" V1.2 <<*>>

Formats a list into columns usually for printing such as "tiny
print". User adjustments are: Columns (2 - 255), lines (2 - 255)
per column (per "page"), spaces between columns (0 - 200), blank
lines for footer/header (1-60).
COL_PRT9.ZIP "Columns Printer" V1.9

Prints a text file in 2, 3, or 4 columns. Features include
"Stripper" (option) to remove a part/s....
COUNTER6.ZIP "Counter" V1.6

Counts the occurrences of a pattern/s (with wildcard/s and exclusive
mode options) in one, a group, or all files. Also, creates a report
file (option).
CVS-1.ZIP "Copy (files) Via (specified) Seconds V1.1 <<*>>

Copies files with specified seconds (can be set via FTD (Files Time
& Date) from your location to another location. Seconds of files are
normally hidden and can be adjusted via FTD as "markers". Keeps
files "tagged" for copying.
DATAFY2.ZIP "Datafy" V1.2

Convert every byte of any type of file into it's equivalent decimal
number. A byte represents a number from 0 to 255...
DATA VIEWER V1.1 <<*>>

A generic data (from data acquisition devices) viewer. Displays 8 -
16 bit data in vga graphic mode like a graph.
DEDUPE14.ZIP "DeDupe" V1.4

Remove duplicate lines located anywhere. File does NOT have to be
sorted. Duplicate lines can be put into another file.
DIR-ACC.ZIP "Directory Access" V2.0/2.1 (FAT16/32) <<*>>

View, copy, replace, restore, or edit a directory/folder. Not
image, but the actual directory/folder. Sometimes a corrupt
filename or folder name prevents access. Use the built in editor to
fix the problem. Also, see deleted files, their time and dates, and
other information you can't see normally.
DIR-COM6.ZIP "Directory Comments" V1.6

Alternative to using long filenames for file/s description, etc.
Easy to add or edit comments about files in a directory/folder.
Stores everything in a single file, "DIR-COM.LOG". Includes a file
viewer plus other features.
DIR_TD1.ZIP "Directory/folder Time Date" V1.1 <<*>>

Set the date and/or time of a directory/folder(s). Note: Setting the
date and/or time of a directory/s requires a special process
compared to files.
DOS-FIX1.ZIP "Dos Fix" V1.1 (freeware)

Debugs the directory search ("DIR/S") function in "COMMAND.COM"
which prevents you from finding files in hidden directories or
directories with the system attribute set.
DOUBLE18.ZIP "Double" V1.8

View two files in text or hex mode at the same time (split screen or
interlaced). "HiLite" feature exposes differences between the two
files. Optional modes & features include search for differences or a
text (reference) pattern, and "seek double" (duplicate) or more
lines in a file.
DRV-RPT1.ZIP "Drivers Report" V1.0

View all the drivers whose headers are present in the chain of
device headers used by the operating system.
F_KEYS13.ZIP "Function Keys" V1.3

Simple to use programmable F keys utility. Enter Dos or Dos based
program commands with a single key press...
F_VALD25.ZIP "Files Validator" V2.5

Validate files in a drive, a directory "tree", a directory, or a
single file. Reports files that changed, are corrupt, or missing.
Reads every file completely. Useful to detect a new virus (if) or
files integrity.
FAT-MAP7.ZIP "Fat Map Viewer" V1.7 (FAT16 & FAT32)

Graphically displays FAT information to show the status of clusters
(allocation units). The "map" image can be saved to a file as
reference for changes over time. Other features too. Special feature
version for "donors".
FCL-4.ZIP "Files Compare via List" V1.4

Allows you to compare files using a list (reference file) to see if
any new files were added, are missing, or changed. Also missing
directories/folders are reported. FCL can be a security tool against
spyware and "trojans".
FCLD-1.ZIP "Files Compare to any Destination via List" <<*>>

Allows you to compare files in a computer/s for changes using a list
of files (text file) from another computer. The list of files
includes related info, and is simple to create. Note: It can be sent
via email as text.
FC-WILD4.ZIP "Files Compare Wildcard V1.4

FCW is a unique files compare utility because the filenames in one
location do not have to match any filenames at another location, or
the same location in a duplicate/s search.
FILE_TD9.ZIP "File Time Date" V1.9

Set the time and/or date of one, a selected group, or all files in a
directory in a single pass. Also see or add a hidden marker
(seconds). Other features..
FILE_M38.ZIP "Files Manager" V3.8

Compare, Copy, Move, Delete, ReName, or View (3 modes) files in a
directory. Duplicate or Compare a directory tree/disk. Handles up to
4,360 files (per directory)! All functions except Rename can
process one, a group, or all files in one pass. FM has many unique
features (options) such as "harvest" specific files (by type and/or
date) from a tree or disk.
FINDER43.EXE (ZIP) Win 9*/ME/XP (also Dos version) "Finder" V4.3

Powerful search engine for your computer. Search for a file/s
("locate") or search through a file/s (any type, any size) for a
text pattern/s. Special search features include "dual" "and/or",
"wildcard", "exclusive", "extract", "list of patterns", "mis-match
allow", "limit search", "nest", etc. Hidden files and files in
hidden folders/directories are included in the search.
FOUR_23.ZIP "Four" V2.3 (freeware)

Artificial intelligence is the attribute of your opponent (computer)
in this simple to learn, but challenging to play game. Your opponent
learns and becomes "smarter" over time. It's learning knowledge is
stored in a separate file.
FV_CONV2.ZIP "FV Converter" V1.2

Auxiliary program to "Files Validator". Converts signatures and file
length into text compatible characters (same as "Proof"). Creates a
..TXT file.
HEXIT_20.ZIP "Hex It" V2.0

Create a hexadecimal image file (text file) of any file. Includes
memory and disk sector (logical or physical) functions. Change a
specified byte(s) to another in any type of file.
LIN-ADJ1.ZIP "Lines Adjuster" V1.1

Select parts of a text file & adjust the length (20 - 256 columns)
of the lines in the selected area/s for paper saving printing,
reformat, etc.
LINES_A2.ZIP "Lines Arranger" V1.2

Makes it easy to rearrange lines in a text file....
LPT_IO_6.ZIP "LPT (Parallel port) I/O" V1.6

Capture, view, edit (binary editor), replay, etc. digital data via
the parallel port. Create your own digital data to transmit out of
the parallel port. Test the parallel port too.
MAIL-GEN.ZIP "Mail Generator" V1.8 <<*>>

Send the same message to your friends and relatives without the CC
(carbon copy) problems. Features include "personalize" (example,
"Hi Mary,"), etc.
MASM_CN3.ZIP "Masm Converter" V1.3

Converts MASM V6.X assembly source code (.ASM) to the format used by
the older MASM V5.X assemblers.
MEMO5.ZIP "Memo" V1.5 <<*>>

Alerts you during bootup about an event (birthday, anniversary, CD
mature, Dr. appt., etc.). Some dates can repeat every month and/or
year. Uses two date inputs, "Alert" and "Event". Alert date starts
showing you the related memo message every bootup until the "Event"
date has past (example: CD mature notice with 7 days of grace). A
one time notice, make "Alert" the same as "Event" date. Repeat
every month feature such as test alarm system.
Memory Tester13.exe "Memory Tester" V1.3 (freeware)

A way to test your memory (mental) to determine how good your memory
is, with the possibility of detecting memory problems.
MIN_MAX1.ZIP "Minimum or Maximum" V1.1

Find minimum, maximum, all above, or all below a specified amount in
one, a group, or all files in a directory.
MVL-3.ZIP "Move Via List" V1.3 <<*>>

Move all files from one location to another in the order of a list.
MVT-3.ZIP "Move Via Time" V1.3 <<*>>

Move all files from one location to another in chronological order.
NEW-MIS8.ZIP "New or Missing" V1.8

Reports all new (new additions) or missing files and/or
directories/folders, or changed files in your hard disk drive (or
PAT-CK2.ZIP "Pattern Checker" V1.2 <<*>>

Useful for finding an encrypted pattern without knowing the
encrypting process. May be used as a key logger detection tool (no
signatures database required).
PC-LINK9.ZIP "PC to PC Link" V1.9

Transfer selected files or folder/directories (trees) or an entire
disk (ex. hard disk drive) from one computer to another via parallel
port (similar to "Laplink"). Files in destination PC can be sorted
or unsorted (in each directory). Every file is validated for a
perfect transfer.
PROOF5.ZIP "Proof" V1.5 (freeware)

Use for checking a file, a group of files, or all files in a
directory/folder for any changes, which may be caused by tampering,
corruption, a virus, etc.
PURGER13.ZIP "Purger" V1.3

Get rid of file/s that you don't want anyone to recover. Overwrites
file/s completely then deletes it/them. Note: Overwriting files can
not be done in Windows due to restrictions.
RAW-ED12.ZIP "Raw Editor" V1.2 <<*>>

Allows you to edit text in any type of file. Unlike a binary
editor, which displays 16 bytes/characters a line, "RED" displays 80
bytes a line so you can see much more on the screen.
RENAMER4.ZIP "ReNamer" V1.4

Rename a group or all files in a directory in one pass. Progressive
("001") can be part of the filenames (option). List of names is
another feature.
SCAN-13.ZIP "SCAN" V1.3 <<*>>

Scan/search a file, a group, or all files for a user specified (hex)
binary pattern. An option allows you to set the depth into a file/s
to scan.
SCRAMBL5.ZIP "Scrambler/Unscrambler" V1.5

Scramble or Unscramble one, a group, or all files in a directory
using a "key" (word, phrase, sentence, etc.). The "key" is not
stored anywhere but your head.
SEC-ACC8.ZIP "Sector Access" V1.8 (FAT12/16/32)

Copy/save, replace, edit, or view any disk sector/s or any FAT.
Replace/restore a corrupt (damaged) master boot record, boot, or FAT
in the hard drive which may prevent access or access to files (FAT).
Use on a floppy disk for the same reason.
SEQ-CK2.ZIP V1.2 <<*>>

Uses a unique technique, unlike other spyware detectors that require
a database of "signatures", to detect the presence of any active
"key logger".
TEXT_M31.ZIP "Text Modifier" V3.1

Automatically modify a text file/s in many different ways. Clipping,
stripping, extracting, excluding, replacing, reducing, removing,
etc. Pattern/s can also be non-text such as control characters...
TOOLBOX.ZIP "Toolbox" V4.4 <<*>>

1. Display key press codes (scan and ascii). Also repeat control.
2. Test graphic modes by entering a number (requires reference).
3. View all combinations of text background/foreground colors.
Also, has PC monitor tester for color purity, alignment,
convergence, etc.
4. File generator: binary or text, different options, size of
file/s, and number of files to generate.
5. Append two text files, not end to end but line to line.
6. See the computer's memory activity in real time.
7. Extract from a list (file) specified pattern & related.
8. E-Mail utility.
9. Lines (text) ending checker and fixer (CR/LF, CR, or LF). Also
reports number of chrs in the longest line.
10. 32 bit hex to decimal or decimal to hex number converter.
11. Adding machine (two modes) with external list (file) input
12. Checkbook subtract, includes deposits.
13. Generate a batch file for the same action on multiple files.
14. Format text lines to specified columns (two modes).
15. Disk Partition/s locations and other info ("FDISK" does NOT
16. Search memory for a specified ascii or binary (hex) pattern.
17. Disk drive loading speed reference test.
18. .BMP file "256 colors" gray scale to B & W converter.
19. Overwrite any file at specified offset with another (ex. a
20. (future feature/s)
TREE-PF6.ZIP "Tree Proofread" V1.6 <<*>>

Use as a security tool. Generates two "checksums", total bytes (all
files), and total files in a directory/folder tree or an entire
disk. Detects a change as small as one bit in a file/s.
TREE-RES.ZIP "Tree Restore" V1.9/V1.9 (FAT16/32) <<*>>

Comes with a simple procedure to backup and restore your Windows
system without using Windows. Note: If Windows is crippled (won't
launch), or if it is "fouled up", Windows based software tools are
totally useless. Many individuals are forced to "reinstall"
Windows. This utility and "PKZIP/UNZIP" for Dos will restore the
Windows system to exactly the way it was using Dos mode (doesn't
need Windows) (using the backup). Note: Long file/folder names,
special attributes, etc. of files and folders will be restored via
"Tree Restore". I have restored my Windows system more than

Also, "Tree Restore" will aid the "Directory Tree or Disk Duplicate"
functions in "Files Manager" and "PC Link" programs, if a
directory/folder tree (structure) contains long filenames. NOTE:
Both programs duplicate or transfer everything but long filenames.
TSR-REM1.ZIP TSR Remover V1.0

Used for the removal of one or more TSR (Terminate and Stay
Resident) programs that have no un-install function.
TWINKLE2.ZIP "Twinkle Stars" V1.2

Displays twinkling "stars" in VGA graphics mode. Can be used as a
screen saver or random number generator demo. Has a relative speed
(PC speed) number.
TX_COLR2.ZIP "Text Color" V1.2

Change background and/or foreground color/s of text screens when a
program does not provide such a facility.
VECS_CK3.ZIP "Vectors Checker" V1.3

Detects a "lurking" program which could be a new active memory
resident virus or TSR program. See which vectors change with BIOS
upgrades, etc.
WH_USED6.ZIP "What's Used" V1.6

Reports all files, etc. opened ("used") or created by a program.
Words Matrix14.exe (Win9*/ME/XP) "Words Matrix" V1.4 (freeware)

A game similar to "Boggle", but with enhancements. After a play, a
list of all words that exist in the matrix will be displayed using a
reference file with over 100,000 words.
XTRACT20.ZIP "Extractor" V2.0

View any file (can be huge) in two modes. Text mode is used to
extract text, and "Raw" mode can be used for file recovery, etc.
You "Mark" parts for exporting to another file, or create another
file without marked parts. The original file isn't changed. Other
features include emphasize or search, etc.
ZERO1.ZIP "ZERO" V1.1 (freeware)

Put "markers" or "dividers" into directories without using disk
space. Truncate/clear an existing file to 0 bytes (option) such as
"<<*>>" free to "donors" (anyone who made a donation for a
"shareware" program).

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