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JM 02-19-2006 04:06 PM

Need a utility for stressing applications ??
I repair computers, and one of the most common things I deal with is damage
from malware. Whenever the computer owner insists I don't reformat, my only
option is to manually clean all the junk off. The problem is, of course,
that malware leaves "scars," sometimes latent damage that doesn't reveal
itself immediately, but that shows up later in quirky behavior by
applications, etc.

The tools I use tend to focus on hardware or specific operations like
graphics - things like Sisoft Sandra, the 3DMark series, and other similar
utilities. Is there a tool that checks/stresses the condition of the
Windows file structure, registry, etc?

Or, does anyone have suggestions as to how I can be more sure that the
repaired Windows will behave after it leaves my place?

I'm not sure I explained my problem adequately.

Input appreciated.


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