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Eli Coten 02-14-2006 10:48 PM

USB Problems - appears Dead
Hi there,
I have this problem with my USB on Win98se. The USB was working
intermittently, after a certain amount of data transfer it gave up, so I
was following instructions on this website to do a safe mode cleanup.
Unfortunately now this seems to have completely broken my USB. I am
using a VIA usb host controller, and it is the model that needs the USB
filter patch.
Before I installed the patch, it was working reasonably well using the
Standard Microsoft Driver. I was trying to get the patch installed, and
so I was following the cleanup from this website. After the cleanup
however, Windows will not recognise ANY USB devices. It automatically
installed the USB Host controller and a USB root hub for each port, but
when a device is plugged into the port it just goes dead.
I have a USB modem that is useful to explain what is going on. I keep it
plugged into the computer. When the computer first starts up the red
light on the modem comes on until Windows starts loading. Once Windows
beings to load, at the point where the lights would usually go green,
both lights go off and they then stay off until the computer is
restarted. Why is Windows turning off the USB devices? What can I do
about it.
I know the USB ports themselves are ok because when I tried with a Linux
boot CD and the modem works fine?

Thanks very much,

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