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Aria 08-08-2005 03:56 AM

The Harmonic Kabbalah
"...There is an universal, cosmogenetic Code embodying and expressing
every permutation of Divine Emanation effected throughout the Cosmos
via electromagnetic radiation. The Code is binary, harmonic and
perfectly Logical. It is a Vinculum bridging and uniting all sciences
and all religions. It functions like a fractal and an hologram; a small
part contains All It's parts and, rightly applied, connects,
synchronizes and functions directly and dynamically with the All
embedded and latent within all. Furthermore, being harmonic in Nature,
the Code can be translated into pure light and sound. That Code is the
Tzolkin, or Mayan Sacred Calendar.

The de Cygne Music Group/DMG translated the Tzolkin into sound. After
discerning how the permutations of the Kabbalah's Sefer Yetsirah are
embedded and interwoven in the Code, DMG harmonically translated the 22
Hebrew letters. Immediately, DMG harmonically translated the Ten
Sephirot and 22 Paths of the Kabbalah's Tree of Life, presenting them
in their product "Regeneration." Inspired, DMG then approached
harmonically translating the 72 Names of God, or the collective
Emanation of the Shem Ha Mephorash. Now, using the Harmonic Kabbalah:
I (Aleph, ver. 1.5), you can experience the Light giving Power of the
72 Names of God directly, in the form of pure, harmonic Energy..."

The Harmonic Kabbalah: Harmonic Translations of the 72 Names of God
(Aleph, ver. 1.5)


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