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slugbug 11-06-2006 08:05 PM

Favorite DVD player software won't work on new laptop!
I have a Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop, about 3 months old. It is
running Windows XP home edition with service pack 2.

On my other two desktop PC's, both running XP Professional with SP2,
I have installed my favorite DVD player software, NVDVD 2.0, from
Nvidia. (I also installed it on a Win '98 system of my Dad's, and it
runs fine) It is a program that shipped with an Nvidia video card I
bought perhaps 3 or even 4 years ago. I've used it ever since,

1) The software is only about 8 Megabytes in size, not bloated like
some others I've tried

2) Hey, it was completely free!

3) It has a memory. You can stop playing, turn the computer off, then
launch the NVDVD program, and it remembers where you were in the movie
the day before.

4) If someone calls on the phone, or for whatever reason you need to
pause it, just hit the space bar. I believe this has since become
something of a standard on other programs, like Nero Showtime, but I
saw it here first

Anyway, I can't seem to get NVDVD 2.0 running properly on this
notebook. I can get it to install just fine, but when I try to launch
it and watch a DVD, I get some strange messages that I've never seen
before. I know the files on the install disk aren't corrupt or
anything, because I was able to reinstall successfully on my desktop
PC. Here are the
messages I get on the laptop when inserting a DVD:

1) This disk contains DVD content. The files may be encrypted and
therefore not playable using the file player. Please switch to the DVD
player to play this disk.

I believe this message means that the NVDVD software is starting in
file playback mode, rather than DVD playback mode. I have no idea why
it would default to this, because it doesn't on my other system
installs. Once I click and get it switched over to DVD playback mode,
it gives me this message:

2) Unable to find the Nvidia audio decoder. This application will only
run with Nvidia decoders

Then I can't do anything else. It won't play any DVD's. I just
can't figure this out. It has been my favorite DVD player software for

I can find a few references to others having this same problem, but
never found a solution online. The Nvidia website also doesn't seem to
have a link to any "Nvidia audio decoder", except for one that mentions
a new "Nvidia Pure Video decoder", which they sell for something like
$40. Maybe it is a replacement for the old one?

In any case, I'd like to figure out how in the world to get this
working on my laptop. It's a great little program, and does everything
I need. If I could only figure out why the "Nvidia audio decoder"
seems to install on my other PC's, and not on this one, I could
probably figure out why it isn't working.

If you are more adventurous, and would like to try the software out
yourself, I just posted it at:

It is just under 7 Megabytes in size, compressed as a rar file, and
virus scanned by AVG Antivirus. This is the OEM version, which was
shipped out for free on hundreds of thousands of CD's. It isn't
supported any more, as far as I can tell, because the company has put
out a much more expensive new product called "Pure Video". If you try
it out, please let me know if you run into the same problem, or if,
like on my two desktop PC's, it runs fine. Thanks!

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