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Re: Such a device if anyone knows, please
On Feb 13, 2:07 pm, Invalid <> wrote:
> In message <1171269004.312606.119...@a34g2000cwb.googlegroups .com>,
> writes>Intermediary to 2 independent phone line.
> >Caller calls a number of line A, the connected device allows the
> >caller to dial a number of line B.

>, their RAD-1device looks to do exactly what
> you want (they seem to suggest you will need an amplifier RAD-AMP?)
> Also seems to provide security.
> If you want to try and rig something yourself take a look at
> Their gadget WAL3A seems to do what you want, but on a single line with
> US style 3 way calling. It may be that in their catalogue is what you
> need.
> I suspect what you are trying to do is frowned on by the average TELCO,
> and certainly by the police etc, as it makes call tracing hard. However
> if what you are really trying to do is put a VOIP system on one side of
> this rig, I think Google will be your friend - try VOIP bridge.
> Regards
> --
> Peter R Cook

Thank you Peter.

Device "RAD-AMP, Amplified Remote Access Device" is located, costing
$400 including shipping to UK.

Looking around if anyone has put out a chaeaper product.

D M Joshi

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