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chris 10-28-2006 02:04 PM

SunRocket Promo code and referral
Sunrocket Promo code: 6038560403 for free shipping and two free

SunRocket Signature Service - Annual Edition
12 Months of Service for $199 per year
(That's just $17 a month!)
Unlimited calling - U.S. and Canada
Free international minutes ($3.00 allowance every month)
Free extra phone number
Over 10 enhanced calling features
Two free Directory Assistance calls each month
All the necessary equipment to get started
No charge to activate - includes free shipping
Taxes included in the Bottom-Line price℠
PLUS, your will receive a free
Uniden Cordless Phone System that includes two handsets!

go to and enter 6038560403 in promo code and get 2
cordless phone and free shipping, 30 days free trial, no contract, no
catch, cancel any time.

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