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Steve Richter 05-08-2005 05:02 AM

cisco 831 PAT problems
I am using the cisco 831 as the router for my verizon dsl connection.
Works great, I am very pumped that I was able to get it to work today.

I have a web site hosted by I would like to open a TCP
socket connection between code on my web site and a PC on my local LAN.

I configured the cisco 831 to forward TCP port 3008 to the ip address ( ) of my local PC. But it is not working. I can ping the
router from my web site, but I cannot connect thru the forwarded port.

Is there a trace facility on the 831 I can enable that would capture
the traffic for this port 3008? Will the troubleshooting logs show any
information regarding why my port 3008 traffic is not being forwarded
to my PC?



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