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Atiz 01-15-2007 09:21 AM

Having problems with servlet and https
Hi all,

I am using servlets to send information to a remote weblogic through a
https address. Problem is, I don't receive the message I'm supposed to
get. I have a function which will detect when the server is up or down.
When the server is up, the servlet is suppose to send this message to
the https add and the message will appear in the weblogic window as
well as return response back to the java program saying the server is
up . But the response i get, is server is down. Previously it doesn't
occurs when I am sending thru http. What can be the reason?

Also, I have added/changed some debug statements to my servlet. The
changed debug statements appear in the local weblogic but when I try to
use a remote weblogic, the statements remained the previously unchanged
ones, why is that so? I had thought the changes will appear in the
remote weblogic too. This is getting me frustrated because I can't do
any useful debugging.

TIA for any suggestions,

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