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Eric Cross [MVP] 06-19-2004 01:33 PM

Re: Network Setup Wizard
Greetings Kevin,

If two or more network devices are installed, the Network Setup Wizard will
create the Network Bridge if you don't tell it not do. For more details,
see the following links.

How to prevent the Network Setup Wizard from creating a bridge in Windows XP;en-us;283429

XP ICS - Network Bridge

Eric Cross
Microsoft MVP (Windows Networking)

"Kevin" <> wrote in message
> I have a laptop with Windows XP Home. It has integrated wireless and an
> ethernet port. I have a D-Link wireless router. Both the wireless
> connection, and the etherlink port work well. Two other computers in my
> house are part of our home network. I enabled file sharing, and I am able

> share files between computers.
> If I run the Network Setup Wizard, which Windows says is recommended for
> security, Windows creates a "bridge" in My Network Connections, and then
> neither the wireless or the etherlink port will work. If I delete the
> "bridge", they both work again. I am not selecting the option in the

> of "connecting directly to the internet" since I am using the D-Link

> What's going on here? Do I have some kind of security risk because I can't
> run the Wizard? What is a "bridge" for in my case?
> thanks, Kevin

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