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Jack 06-19-2004 01:51 AM

Re: Network Setup Wizard
You will be better off learning how to manually configure your Network.

Log to this Site there is a lot of links to configuration instructions.

Jack (MVP-Networking).

"Kevin" <> wrote in message
> I have a laptop with Windows XP Home. It has integrated wireless and an
> ethernet port. I have a D-Link wireless router. Both the wireless
> connection, and the etherlink port work well. Two other computers in my
> house are part of our home network. I enabled file sharing, and I am able

> share files between computers.
> If I run the Network Setup Wizard, which Windows says is recommended for
> security, Windows creates a "bridge" in My Network Connections, and then
> neither the wireless or the etherlink port will work. If I delete the
> "bridge", they both work again. I am not selecting the option in the

> of "connecting directly to the internet" since I am using the D-Link

> What's going on here? Do I have some kind of security risk because I can't
> run the Wizard? What is a "bridge" for in my case?
> thanks, Kevin

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