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Compiling options with Visual Studio

I have been working with Delphi to create sites so far. I am
now trying my luck with Visual Studio. But there are some differences
in compiling, publishing my site that i have a questin about.

In Delphi, by default, when you compile your project, you get all
the .aspx files and a myproject.dll in the bin directory. Each time i
compile, the .dll is recompiled, but it still has the same name. The
advantage with this, is that if i only have done changes in code-
behind, the myproject.dll file is the only file i have to upload to my

With Visual Studio, when i compile with the updatable option on, i get
a new name for the .dll each time when i re-compile. A cryptic name
like oFsdfeWs.dll. Since all the .aspx files has a reference to
the .dll i also need to upload all the .aspx files instead of just
one .dll.

Anyone know how i can do this in Visual Studio, the same way it was
solved in

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