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'mycontrol_ascx' is ambiguous in namespace ASP
Hi everybody

I've seen a lots of question about this issue. This is my enviroment:

XP Professional all SP updated - Development machine
Windows 2003 Server (without sp1) - Production machine

I've updated a VS 2003 web app project to the new VS 2005 Web
Application Projects. Everything went ok until this error appears.

Looking into the temporay files, I've discovered that there are actually a
lot of .vb source files and looking inside there was two declaration of the
same 'mycontrol' user control class. One in a file name
"App_Web_<randomtext>.vb" and other with the name
"App_Web_mycontrol.ascx.<randomtext>.vb". Both of them contains the same
declaration. ┬┐Anyone know why it creates the second kind of .vb *sometimes*
and not for all the user controls used in the web project?

I believed I tried everything: Renaming the namespace control, the tagname
in the @ Register directive, specifying the Classname (including namespace)
in the @ Control directive, deleting and creating form scratch the control,
deleting the .net temporary files (it worked fine in my development machine,
but in my server it didn't).

If somebody has the same problem, I will try to create a new web application
project form scratch to see if the problems still continues and can reproduce

Another point: Although my windows is in spanish, all my software is in
english. ┬┐Should be the problem in the international versions of .net 2.0?

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