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cybereel 10-05-2006 10:03 PM

Configuration of Cisco Router for use on a DS3 microwave circuit
My organisation currently has a wide area network configured as a ring,
using our own microwave equipment. The network runs two seperate DS3
circuits. At each location, there is a Lucent AP-1000 with LMC 5245 DS3
Wan Adapter which converts to Ethernet and provide each lan with
ethernet service. This network works fine. I am now attempting to add
another site using a cisco 3800 router with two (2) NM-1T3 interface
cards. My challenge is that the circuit has a numerous amount of
errors. The section below highlights the configurations and errors.

All AP-1000 routers
Interface: t3
MTU: 4470
Clocking: Internal
Crc mode: crc16
Type mode: ds3
Line type:dsx3Cbit Parity
Line length: 100
Line coding: dsx3B3ZS
SendCode: dsx3SendNoCode
Clock source: internal
ScramblingMOde: dsx3Cisco

The new Cisco 3800 router with NM-1T3
controller T3 1/0
cablelength 100

interface s1/0
ip address x.x.x.x
ip route-cach flow
dsu badnwidth 44210

On executing the sh int s1/0 command the follwoing is found
Serial1/0 is up, line protocol is up
Hardware ss DSXPNM Serial
Encapsulation HDLC, crc 16
163959228 input errors, 163959228 CRC, 72386460 frame, 43881477
overrun, 0 ignored, 122414945 abort.
DSU mode 0, bandwidth 44210, real bandwidth 44210, scramble 0

On executing the sh controller s1/0 command the follwoing is found
T3 1/0 is up
Applique type subrate T3
No alarms detected
MDL tranmission disabled
Framing is C-bit Parity, Line code is B3ZS, CLock source internal
Everything else is 0.

My Microwave manual provides the following Information on DS3 interface

Data Rate - Asynchronous 44.736Mb/s +- 20ppm
Line Code - B3ZS
Input - +5.7 to -1.8 dBm at DSX-3 Cross connect attenuated by up to
450ft of cable
Output - +1 to +4 dBm, LBO out , 0 to +3 dBm, LBO in (measured all-1s
Pulse Shape - TR-TSY-000499 complaint
Impedence - 75 ohms, nominal (10 to 50 MHz)

These are my challenges:-
1 - Am I using the right interface card and router?
2 - Am I missing a configuration somewhere?
3 - Are there compatability issues between the two routers?

I tried the following(individually, not all at once:-
1 - Changing the modes of the dsu - result - line protocol switch to
2 - Changing scrambling - result - line protocol switch to down
3 - Changing CLock source to line - result - no change in errors
4 - Changed the parity - line protocol switch to down

I am at a complete loss.

Look forward to your responses. Thank You

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