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Justin Brown - SYNACS 01-15-2007 11:06 PM

Re: MN-700 Base Station Setup CD

I don't know where to get the CD, but chances are you can configure
this device without any software. What you want to do is configure your
computer for automatic (DHCP) IP address, and just plug into on of the
4 or so ports on the back. From there, run "ipconfig", determine the
default gateway, type that into Internet Explorer, and follow the
on-screen instructions. Make sure you reset the device first, if it's
been used before. There should be a reset button on the outside, for
that purpose.

Yeah, after reading my thoughts back maybe a manual on CD is a good
thing. =/

AndyO wrote:
> Recently purchased a used MN-700 base station that came without a Setup CD.
> Anyone know how I could get a copy of the CD?

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