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sam176 11-22-2006 07:23 PM

Prevent Connecting Router ( Nat ) To A Switch
HI everybody

well i did not test that yet ( i guess i should of tested it instead of submitting it here but maybe i do like to hear more thoughts about that from all of you)

we all know that in IOS you can use port security maximum 1 / voilation ...etc
i guess this is working well with preventing someone from connecting hub , another switch , or even an access point to a switch and allowing access to the newtwork (

My question is will that still works if we somone connected a router to that switch and use the router NAT feature to allow aothers to access the network and bypassing the port security max

and if he will be able ?
Is There is a way to stop users from connecting a router ( use of NAT ) to any of the switch ports

thank you all in advance

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