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Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains, Navision, Solomon
Microsoft Business Solutions products: Microsoft Great Plains,
Navision, Solomon, Microsoft CRM, Microsoft RMS are now serving not
only to small and mid-size, but also large clients, plus they maybe
reasonably priced solution for the branch of multi-national
corporation. This raises question of supporting Microsoft Business
Solutions product installation remotely and internationally. We do not
question local Microsoft partners service quality, the question maybe
different local partners may not be authorized to sell and service
specific MBS product, the example in France MBS promotes Navision, but
there are multiple cases when branch of the US-based company in France
needs users training and support for Microsoft Great Plains system.

In this small article we are trying to give you the best system
selection idea, depending on your country and business type.

Microsoft has two major mid-market ERP packages: Microsoft Great Plains
and Navision (Solomon is the one to consider for Project oriented
company this would deserve dedicated publication).

Microsoft Great Plains this application serves the markets, formerly
targeted and gained by Great Plains Software (Great Plains
Dynamics/eEnterprise or Great Plains Accounting), later on GPS was
purchased by Microsoft. These markets are: USA, Canada, Spanish
Speaking South and Central America (except Brazil), South Africa,
Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. If you are in these
regions you should probably consider Microsoft Great Plains

Navision we believe that Microsoft bought Navision Software Denmark
based software development company few years ago in order to get
European market share. However Navision Software itself had long
history of penetration to US market. This is why we see Navision
clients in both Europe and US. Now Microsoft seems to appreciate
Navision accommodation to former European tax and language specifics
and it promotes Navision on emerging markets: Russia, East Europe,
Africa, Asia. In Brazil situation is more complex Microsoft have not
decided yet and you can have either Navision or Great Plains (our
subdivision is exclusive Great Plains reseller in
Brazil). It is very delicate question for MBS - but what you can see -
Great Plains version 8.0 has fewer number of languages support and at
the same time Navision has more with new releases.

Microsoft CRM Microsoft promotes its CRM worldwide and it is web based
so it naturally automates your worldwide operations or serves you in
your local country. Microsoft CRM has C# and VB.Net based SDK, BizTalk
server based integration to Great Plains and Microsoft SQL Server
database. Plus it deploys all the spectrum of Microsoft technologies:
MS Exchange, Message Queuing, Active Directory.

Solomon - this ERP application was formerly bought by Great Plains
Software (before GPS was bought it its turn by Microsoft) - Solomon is
very good fit for project-driven organization.

Microsoft RMS you should probably stay with Navision Retail module if
you are in the region where MBS promotes Navision. In all other places
consider Microsoft Retail Management System: RMS Store Operations and
POS. If you have multiple stores you may manage and control them via
Microsoft RMS Headquarters. RMS has several integration options to
Microsoft Great Plains.

Remote Support Technology it gives you cheaper consulting rates,
because consultant doesnt have to travel to you and can serve several
remote clients per day. Microsoft VPN and Remote desktop solution is
usually free for the client and in the case of sophisticated firewall
Web Session could be another way to serve. We do voice training, based
on Internet telephony solutions, such as Skype enable you free voice
over the internet.

Customization it is always better to avoid it however if you really
need it, you should consider MBS customization partner who specializes
in custom development and has experienced programmer. In such a case we
do not recommend to stick to local programmers in our experience local
markets may not provide enough clientele for local developers to
specialize in your product customization. Also we do not recommend
choosing generic offshore software developer. MBS products require
dedication in their customizations and integrations.
You can always have us help you internationally, give us a call:
1-630-961-5918 or 1-866-528-0577,

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