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x-axis 09-18-2006 01:12 PM

Bridging my POTS over the internet ??


I hope this isn't a repeated question, I have read the thread by the guy who wanted to use his branch phone line in Australia. My case is a bit different, I want to pick up the phone on (side A) to hear the dial tone of my POTS home phone line (Side B). As simple as that, no VOIP service providers no VOIP to VOIP calling. I just want to use my phone service over the internet, and be able to hear the phone rings on both sides.

(Side A) regular phone ---> some device ---> internet cloud--->some device---> my Home POTS line (Side B)

Is this possible?

I don't live in the states and we don't have any VOIP service providers here.

Thank you

hillieren 09-18-2006 09:46 PM

never know that device. I think normally the practice is, get voip from your local provider and bring the device to other place.

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