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newbie's question on VLAN

I met some difficulty when I tried to set up multiple VLAN in our

! Catalyst 6509 |
|-----port 4/1--------port5/2 ---
/ \
/ \
/ \
| ---------- port9----------| |
| Alteon1 port8 --- port8 Alteon2 |
|--------port 1-7 --------- | |---------port1-7

On Catalyst6509, Port4/1 and Port5/2 are set up trunk interface.
VLAN100 has a L3 subnet assigned on msfc.

On two Alteon ACE switches, Port1-8 are set up as interfaces in
VLAN 1; while port9 is set up as interface on VLAN2. There is
servers connecting to Port1-7 on two Alteon L4 switches. STP is
enabled on both of the two Alteon L4 switches.

Servers, which is connected to Alteon switches, set defalut
router IP as VLAN 100 interface IP address on MSFC of Catalyst6509.

Is the above configuration correct ?

Any correctness will be highly appreciated.


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