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pintu 09-14-2006 05:16 AM

Cascading dropdown problem (without using Atlas )
Hello everybody...Any one plz help in solving my problem mentioned

I am creating an application in 2.0.I want 2 dropdowns i.e
customer and branch to be present inside detailsview control..which
fetches data from database..On selection of customer dd branch should
be filled..In insert mode of details view i want this so that i can
insert other fields present in the details view and click insert button

to insert the records into database..(Here i want the branch id of the
details view to be inserted). Actually Customer dd will fetch data from

customer table and Branch dropdown will fetch data from Branch table
based on selection from customer dropdown and the total records in
detailsview will be inserted to Users table..Any body plz help in
finding out the solution..


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