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Peter 01-05-2005 12:19 PM

Re: Cisco IP Phone 7960 broken?

I would like to ask if that issue has been resolved?
I am having _exactly_ the same case.

Thanks in advance,


Peter 01-05-2005 06:07 PM

Re: Cisco IP Phone 7960 broken?
I have looked into that closer (with ethereal) and this is what I get:
in my case:
1) 7960 sends ARP for (which is my CCM, TFTP etc),
2) answers - here I am with MAC Addr.
3) 7960 sends then TFTP request for OS79XX.TXT (which by ethereal is
malformed packet tftp)
4) my TFTP server does not log any request in that case (tried several
tftps 3com's, cisco, etc...)
5) 7960 sends TFTP req for OS79XX.TXT 5 times (without answer) and
6) it sends TFTP request for file with strange file name \ff\ff\ff\fff
(few ff bytes in hex) followed by cnf.xml
7) 7960 reboots

Taking into account the fact that 7960 reboots while accessing MAC
address in menu network configuration, it seems that somewhere in
memory it has badly formed MAC address - thus this strange file name.

7960 firmware:

AppLoadID: P00303010102
BootLoadID: PC03A300
Version: 3.1(1.2)

Does anyone has any idea how to force it to download a new firmware?
which tftp server might work?

Thanks for any help


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