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Cisco 5002 card question

I have a Cisco Catalyst 5002 switch that I purchased very cheaply to
play about with. It has a supervisor module and a Group-Switched
10BaseT Ethernet card.

The ethernet card doesn't have any standard RJ-45 ports, but more like
larger serial interfaces.

I was wondering how this worked? What sort of cable would this use and
how would it connect to other switches?

Many thanks.

Merv 08-30-2006 11:02 AM

Re: Cisco 5002 card question

They are RJ-21 connectors which are a very common telco connector.

They are used to a patch panel without having to use individual RJ45
cables thus eliminating the usual cable clutterr seen with 24 or 48
RJ45 cables plugged into an individual Catalyst module

What is the module number ? Is is shown in the upper right hand corner
of the module

You can get octopus (hydras) cables that would fan the ports out to
RJ45 connectors

You would want to get RJ21 STRAIGHT MALE connectors in order to easily
connect the cables to the modules's RJ21 female connectors. At the
other end you probably want RJ45 female connector in order to take
regular CAT 5 RJ45 cables.

The key to getting the correct cable is to know how many ports are
supported on each RJ21 connector AND they RJ21 pin out so that you can
buy or have built the correct cables

I have also seen "harmonicas" that can be attached to an RJ21 calbe
that provides the desired fan out

for cable examples

There are many compnies that can provide what you need

Walter Roberson 08-30-2006 02:32 PM

Re: Cisco 5002 card question
In article <1156926605.006956.209270@i3g2000cwc.googlegroups. com>,
<> wrote:

>I have a Cisco Catalyst 5002 switch that I purchased very cheaply to
>play about with.

If it has IOS then you might not have received the license to use the
software -- IOS licenses are non-transferable.

If it is CatOS, then the situation might be more complicated: the
CatOS licenses on at least some of the devices used to be noticably
different and (I believe, possibly incorrectly) allowed transfers.
But I deduce that the newer CatOS merged license terms.

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