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P T 08-26-2006 09:18 PM

AutoFill & Seamonkey?
There is a feature on MSN9: autofill? For example, at eBay, I might
search for 'blue widgets' and when I repeat the search later, after
typing just 'b', MSN9 prompts all eBay searches beginning 'b'. I've used
the same feature on Google and other sites.

I'm using both Firefox and Seamonkey. FF displays autofill, SM does not.
I've played with all the setting I could find, searched usenet and Moz
forums, but can't find an answer. I found references to an autofill
extension for FF; what's odd, is that I don't have that extension, but
my FF has the feature.

How do I get SM to do autofill?

[XP Pro, latest FF & SM, avast, zone alarm, amd xp2000, 384mb sdram,
40gb hd]

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