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Sick connection to one shared folder
Home network: desktop, wireless laptop, both XP Pro, connected via
router, C drive setup for

Relations between the 2 machines had been unusually good for a while.
Then the laptop began to have trouble with (just) *one* desktop folder.
I open Laptop's Network Places, click to show folders on desktop's C
drive. No problems. Then click to open the desktop SETUPS folder and,
repeatedly, display starts out fine, slows down at the bottom of the
screen, folder
contents fully displays after a long while. Click on one entry. Nothing
happens - no
highlighting. Sometimes if I wait up to a couple of minutes, I do get a
response to my
click. Sometimes I get impatient and go away to get some work done.
Come back to either
totally blank Explorer screen or restored laptop screen, i.e. Explorer
has closed itself.
Instead of going away, I try to close laptop's Network Places' folder
for the recalcitrant
window. Won't close, usually won't yield to Task Manager's commands.
Often have to do
manual reboot to get back in business. Desktop has no trouble at all
with this folder and
is able to copy to the laptop from it.

Not very tolerable. - The desktop SETUPS folder had ~196 entries. Made
two folders of it:
Setups A-M, N-Z, not much with A-M, but N-Z usually behaves normally.
If window is closed
instead during delay, it takes > up to a minute for the desktop to
reappear. Sometimes it
still won't close at all in response to corner click, and Task Manager,
altho obeyed, takes
up to, or over, a minute to redisplay laptop screen. Trying all this
with all other
programs closed makes no difference. Explorer closing also happens
sometimes and
excessively slow response to clicks persists. I've bifurcated the
alphabet further, with
symptoms persisting, and without any useful clues as to whether any one
file might be
causing the problems.

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