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VoIP for Mobile Phones
Anybody interested in making calls from your cell phone but pay nothing
or VOIP Rates:

We have the groundbreaking technology which enables the user to make
calls over the internet to anywhere in the world using a mobile phone.
TRiNet ( provides the ultimate VOIP gateway that
integrates GSM mobile technology and VOIP. It enables the user to set
up a complete office in minutes, including PBX with auto attendant, 4
port computer router, 2 standard phone ports, and an embedded mobile
phone VOIP solution.

Public phone lines are no longer needed for your office! Simply insert
a GSM SIM card into the TriNet gateway. The gateway lets your office
receive calls and enables routing of mobile voice conversations over
the internet. Call from your mobile phone or office phone to anywhere
in the world at low VOIP rates.

Setting up multiple TriNet units will result in free international
calls from cell phone to cell phone.

Am also looking for agents in your locality. Profits are shared in USD,
anywhere in the world you are, except India.

Please contact me at :

email / MSN

if you are interested.


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