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Andrew Pressel 07-30-2006 02:40 PM

Re: Thoughts on implementing this idea
widox wrote:
> I am thinking of writing an application that downloads a file from
> multiple servers, parses and aggregates them together, and puts them in
> a database. Then using this info in the DB creates HTML pages
> displaying those stats, probably once a day, or maybe even on-demand.
> I'm not quite sure where to begin, and what language is best suited for
> the job. Would Perl be well suited to do these things? Any
> thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated. -Thanks

Absolutely, parsing data like that is what Perl does best.

you'll probably want to take a look at the LWP packages. This will help
you pull down the pages from the servers you want to use.

I use these packages currently to download the tour dates page from my
favorite band. Then I compare it to the previous run and email myself
any new dates that are added and removed.

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