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yaru22 06-18-2006 02:46 PM

debugging in eclipse+pydev

I'd like to know how to debug in eclipse+pydev.

In the menu, "Pydev Debug", there's Start Debug Server option, but I
don't know how to use it.

Few questions I have about debugging are:

1) how do i set a breakpoints in pydev?
2) how do i execute the code line by line? I mean... step into, step
over, and so on...

When I searched on,

I found that

Run/Debug Step Into F5 Debugging
Run/Debug Step Over F6 Debugging
Run/Debug Step Return F7 Debugging
Run/Debug Resume F8 Debugging

However, Starting Debug Server and pressing F5, F6, F7 didn't do those

Can anyone give me a small tutorial as to how to debug in Eclipse +
Pydev please?

Thanks in advance.

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