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Ilja Kessebohm 10-07-2004 01:09 PM

Cisco Content Switch - Load Balancer
I'm experiencing some problems with a Cisco Content Switch that I'm
wondering if anyone has any knowledge about. Specifically, I trying to
determine if there are configurable timeout values associated with the load
balancer device. Requests going through the device are not being returned to
the originator when all IPs in the pool are inaccessible.
The problem is as follows:
Server (A) sends a request to the load balancer. Behind the load balancer is
2 servers (B). When the connection to one of the (B) servers is severed, the
load balancer works correctly and sends the request to the live server thus
Server (A) gets a response.
When both (B) servers are removed from the network, the server (A) appears
to wait for ~4 minutes before the load balancer returns the fact that either
(B) server is unavailable.
Is there a timeout value on the CCS to return this to the initiating server

Any help would be appreciated.


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