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Thomas W 08-07-2005 04:11 PM

WSGI-server in the standard distro?
Will there be a WSGI-server like BaseHTTPServer etc in the standard
distro? I think that would increase the adoptation of the
WSGI-standard. A new web-framework for python pops up every other week
and more and more support WSGI. Why not focus on getting an optimized,
production-grade fully documented WSGI-server into the distro? Right
now the BaseHTTPServer seems to be usable for development and testing,
not production environment. Perhaps if there was allready a working
WSGI-server in the distro we could focus on that being ready for real
heavy-loads in production environment instead of making a WSGI-server
for each and every web-framework available ( CherryPy and Django each
got their own WSGI-server written in python, think Twisted has one as
well, but they all claim it's only suitable for testing/development.).

The problem is perhaps the threads vs select ( vs fork? )
discussion/war?? If the distro contained a working thread-based
WSGI-server the select/twisted-camp wouldn't use it anyway?

The beauty of python is that it comes "with batteries included", with
servers for CGI, HTML etc. but it doesn't seem like these are ready for
real work. I don't care if some parts of the server has to be done in C
for speed reasons, but it's bummer to allways have to install Apache to
get a production-ready environment. Having a HTTP1.0/1.1-compliant
production-grade WSGI-only server in the distro would be sweet :-)

I might be demanding a bit much here, but still ... Any thoughts?

Anyhow, even a test/development-only WSGI-server implementation should
be in the standard distro IMHO.


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