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Jeff 05-02-2005 02:55 PM

SWIG -- Passing python proxy class instance to python callback
I'm trying to pass a proxy class instance (SWIG generated) of CClass,
to a python callback function from C++. The proxy class instance of
CClass is created from a pointer to the C++ class CClass.

Using the code below, I receive the error message:

"AttributeError: 'PySwigObject' object has no attribute 'GetName'"

The python callback function is being passed in through the clientdata
pointer, and the CClass *class pointer is what's being converted to an
instance of the SWIG proxy class and passed to the python callback
function as an argument.

static void PythonCallBack(CClass *class,void *clientdata)
PyObject *func, *arglist,*obj;
PyObject *result;

func = (PyObject *) clientdata; // Get Python function
obj = SWIG_NewPointerObj((void*) cmd, SWIGTYPE_p_CSCSICommand, 1);
//create instance of python proxy class from c++ pointer

arglist=Py_BuildValue("(O)",*obj); //convert to tuple
result = PyEval_CallObject(func,arglist); // Call Python


Any input would greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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