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Franck Pommereau 02-21-2005 10:02 AM

[PyGTK] forbid focus of TreeView columns
Hi all,

I'm building a PyGTK interface in which I would like that no widget
would be able to get the focus (and so to be activated by pressing the
Return key). For this purpose, for each widget, I do:

widget.set_property("can-focus", gtk.FALSE)

My problem is a TreeView which has a clickable column, it get the
default focus and I did not find how to forbid that.

I tried:

def focus (widget, *args) :
try :
widget.set_property("can-focus", gtk.FALSE)
except :
try :
widget.set_property("can-default", gtk.FALSE)
except :

where win is my application window (I also tried on the TreeView) but it
doesn't work. :-(
I also tried with widget.unset_flags, same result. :-((

If I choose another widget and give it the default focus
(widget.grab_default and widget.grab_focus) it's OK until I click on the
column which then keeps the focus. :-(((

I'm sure I could capture the Return key but I don't want to have this
dashed line around the focused widget...

I think that this column has somewhere an associated widget but I could
not find it anywhere (and neither could win.forall).

I'm using PyGTK-2.0.0 and cannot use another version.

Thanks in advance for any idea!

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