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Wendell III 01-15-2005 01:37 AM

Looking for a few badass Python coders (Chicago).
Hello everyone,

I am currently involved with a project involving instant messengers and
social networks. We really need some talented individuals to help our
team out with some Python code. Your work would be open sourced, and
you would be credited in the application itself. Compensation is
negotiable. Feel free to send a CV, but (to be fair) I am primarily
interested/most enthralled in/by the idea of taking a look at your best

Individuals in the Chicagoland area greatly preferred. ;-)

Looking forward,
ph: 773.880.1282 fx: 866.805.2744 icq: 12107743 aim: zephyrwendell
gg: 7116285 y!: zephyrwendell web:

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