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Re: Multiple RSPAN Destination Port for 2970

Hi All,

I have a question concerning the RSPAN. Actually, I would like to se
up a 3-switch RSPAN configuration, but I'm not quite sure if this i

Originally I have 2 6509 inter-connected. Two VLANs are RSPAN to on
destination port in one of the switch. The output port then connects t
a broadcast hub, and several sniffers retrieve the data. We have jus
bought a new 2970, and I would like to know if i can have the the 650
switches RSPAN to the new 2970 switch, with multiple destination ports
so that I can by-pass that hub.

I could not find the appropriate command, and the new switch has no
arrived yet, so I cannot do testing. But I would really like to pla

Thank you very much

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