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Axel Scheepers 06-22-2004 12:59 PM

Hi All,

Python is so great. I've been creating a small set of objects to get some
stats from our adsl routers. So far it works great and fast. However, in the
shell script I created over a year ago to gather stats I do:

mib_lp=`$snmpwalk $ip_address public
Index 2>/dev/null | $grep " = $lan_iface" | $head -1 | $sed -E
e.ipAddrEntry.ipAdEntIfIndex.(.+) = .*/\1/g'`
if [ "$mib_lp" != "" ]; then
lan_ip=`$snmpget $ip_address public
ddr.$mib_lp 2>/dev/null | $sed -E 's/.+IpAddress: //g'`
lan_netmask=`$snmpget $ip_address public
dEntNetMask.$mib_lp 2>/dev/null| $sed -E 's/.+IpAddress: //g'`

To retrieve the lan settings for the router. I don't know the (lan)ip
address of it but do know the interface number, that's why I check for that
and then use a part of the mib to get to the netmask.

This seems to be quite difficult with pysnmp (took me half an hour to write
Router.SNMPQuery(self, noid) ;-)), so before I get started I wanted to ask
if somebody might have better idea for this.

Kind regards,
Axel Scheepers

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