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Daniel 04-25-2004 05:48 PM

my first program- List Box help?
I am new to python and am trying to make a front end for an emulator.
I am using python, livewires and pygame. I am able to do everything I
want except createa list box.

I have a background image with 5 other images on top of it. I have an
xml file with a list of 10,000 games. I want to import that list into
a scrollable text box. I want to use the arrow keys to scroll it. As
the names scroll in the text box I want the images to change also. So
if you are on PAC-MAN in the text box you will see 5 images named
folder1/PAC-MAN.png folder2/PAC-MAN.png and so on. If you hit down it
would go to the next game in the list and images the images would
update to show the new game. If you hit enter it would start
emulator.bat Also it needs to be full screen.

So I think all I need to learn how to do is draw a text box that
imports a xml file and with every click of an arrow key it updates a
variable. I also do not know how to start the bat file. But I think I
might be able to figure out on my own.

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