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Fuzzyman 02-09-2004 06:42 PM

Nappy Clog Month.........
Nappy clog month... no, not the usual USENET abuse - it's an anagram
of comp.lang.python......

An anagram finder with Tkinter front end in less than 20k of python -
yep another great way to avoid working...
mix up the names of friends and colleagues, great fun.

Did you know that George W Bush is an anagram of 'whose bugger' ?
Saddam Hussein - 'disused shaman'
Neil Gaiman - 'lain enigma'.....
Tony Blair - 'rainy blot'.....
Mother Theresa - 'earths theorem'....

I'm particularly proud of this as it is my first working python
is very fast and neat with a lovely user interface - let's you set the
minimum number of letters in the output (to prune the results),
specify anagrams containing a particular word... save the resutls

This is version 1.1 (some of you have seen 1.0) - you can now load new
dictionaries (I've included a couple of smaller ones which make
zip-along even faster and made some much bigger ones available for
download as well) and I've improved the speed again....

There's also an online CGI version at :

although it needs a little work - at teh moment it won't output any
results until the script has finished executing - this is probably the
fault of the server... but I'm sure it's possible to change this
behaviour - but I've only seen examples in Perl :-(

( fuzzyman AT atlantibots DOT org DOT uk )

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