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plebe comment re [Python-Dev] SF patch 864863: Bisect Cimplementation
As a Python, not a C user, I'd chime in on behalf of
non-developers especially to say Yes, please keep
the python versions of std library modules. They
are much used.

In pro: The python implementations are legible.
They can be followed step by step in the interpreter,
with added printout statements, that amazing debug,
to understand What the commands do and what
else they could do or not do. It's not always
obvious otherwise what data-structures they expect.

The python modules are especially useful because
they include descriptions of how they came about
and what the parameters are for the different cases,
who wrote them and what the problems in use are.
Even the dates help figure out whether they'll fit
with other pieces.

Just getting things to work comes way before
speed considerations when you're not so expert
[yet ;-].

So for developers to be putting them routinely
through [unit] tests is good, because it'd be terribly
hard to figure them out if they didn't work!

Thanks for suggesting in the python-dev
summary, Brett, that we can add our comments.
And thanks to all the developers who care
and do such a thorough job.

;););) blessed are the geeks -- for they shall inherit the source code :):):)

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