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George Khoury 08-29-2003 05:09 PM

how does python use its .lib files?
I am just starting to code some c extensions, and have been experimenting
with both the Borland and MSVC compilers. Everything works, but I have a
basic question. When using Borland, I have to make an OMF version of
Python23.lib. Does this mean I now have two copies of the python
interpreter? Or maybe I should ask another question. Suppose I have imported
two extension modules compiled with MS and Borland. If they both call a
python function (say, PyArg_ParseTuple), they are linking to two different
libraries, but the same function, right? How does that work?

I realize this is not a python specific question, and really a question
about the use of libraries in general. Any explanations or links would be

George Khoury

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