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Jim Easterbrook 08-22-2003 08:38 AM

Re: displaying video in a tkinter GUI
In article <>, Mark Hertel <> wrote:
>Is it possible to embed a video player on a tkinter frame? I'm
>looking to create something that displays the video and its
>associated controls in the upper right quandrant while the other
>screen quandrants are used for user input.
>It would be great if the solution was cross platform (windows/linux)
>but the initial target would be winXP/2K.

For a Windows only solution, I've used DirectShow via Mark Hammond's
win32com extension, and more recently via Thomas Heller's ctypes COM
framework. I've been working at a lower level than a complete player
(I've been building DirectShow filter graphs and using tkinter buttons
for "play", "pause" etc.) but I expect you could embed a full Windows
Media Player.
Jim Easterbrook
BBC Research & Development <>
*** All opinions are mine and might not be shared by the BBC ***

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