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Irmen de Jong 08-14-2003 09:20 PM

ANN: Pyro 3.3 (remote objects)
I'm glad to announce the latest version of Python's own powerful
remote method invocation technology -- Pyro 3.3 (final)!

You can get it via, then go
to the SF project homepage download area.

It has many new features and improvements over Pyro 3.2.
For the full list, see the change log in the manual:

Most important new features:
- paired (fail-over) name server, fully automatic resyncing
- better remote tracebacks
- new style (PEP282/python 2.3) logging
- meta info for Name server objects
- rewritten Event Server chapter in the manual
- many bug fixes and improvements.

Have fun, and thanks for your interest, support, and feedback!

--Irmen de Jong

P.S. there have been some fixes since 3.3 beta, so if you're
using that version, please upgrade.

---> What is Pyro?
Pyro is an acronym for PYthon Remote Objects. Pyro is an advanced and
powerful Distributed Object Technology system written entirely in Python,
that is designed to be very easy to use.

It is extremely easy to implement a distributed system with Pyro, because all
network communication code is abstracted and hidden from your application.
You just get a remote Python object and invoke methods on the object on
the other machine.

Pyro offers you a Name Server, an Event Service, mobile objects, remote
exceptions, dynamic proxies, remote attribute access, automatic
reconnection, a very good and detailed manual, and many examples to get
you started right away.

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