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Alan McIntyre 08-03-2003 06:47 PM

Re: Python and Robotics?
There's Pyro, which is # 3 on this list:

Hope this helps,

Darren wrote:
> Hello All,
> Hope everyone is well.
> I am really new to python, so my question maybe some what stupid to
> some. The question is, can python be used as a programming language for
> robotics? eg, controling motors and sensors?
> If so, do you know any website that would contain such information ?
> Many thanks
> Darren

jeff 08-04-2003 09:17 AM

Re: Python and Robotics?
Also try pyserial, i think thats how its spelt,

i know there are only really 2 lines (tx/rx) that can be used, but if
you chuck in a max232 and a pic to recieve binary codes, then you
could use the pic's I/O ports and then use the serial port to send out
binary codes, that tell the pic what to execute

hope that help, if you need any help email me if been playing with
interfacing hardware to the computer using python for a little while



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