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klappnase 07-28-2003 02:14 PM

How to stop screensaver from starting up
Hello everyone,

does anyone know a way to stop the screensaver under linux from
starting up while a certain process is running?
I need this because I experience a memory leak while recording
wav-files every time the screensaver starts.
It is a Tkinter application, btw.
Any help would be very appreciated.



klappnase 07-29-2003 12:03 PM

Re: How to stop screensaver from starting up
Jeff Epler <> wrote in message news:<>...

Thanks for the feedback,

> For systems using xscreensaver, see xscreensaver-command(1).
> You could use
> xscreensaver-command -throttle
> to force screen blanking (not screensaver) when the system is idle
> or
> xscreensaver-command -exit
> to force the screensaver process to exit. In the former case, you would
> use
> xscreensaver-command -unthrottle
> to restart the screensaver, and in the latter case
> xscreensaver -nosplash
> in the latter.
> This is not robust if multiple processes all try to manipulate the
> screensaver without some additional kind of locking.
> Jeff

I know this, but what I had in mind was, if there is a way to disable
the screensaver directly from within python/tkinter while a certain
process inside my application is running (it is the recording issue I
have posted here a while ago, where it seems like memory leaks occur
while recording when a screensaver starts up).
The basic problem with the xscreensaver command is of course that it
will not work if kde-screensavers are used.
I am sorry if this is a silly question, I just thought it might be
easier to disable the screensaver while recording than to try a
workaround for the snack recording function; maybe what I want is
simply not possible.

Best regards


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