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Russ Salsbury 07-21-2003 09:18 PM

Guido Makes the Wall Street Journal
Guido, Python, Larry Wall, and Perl are profiled in Lee Gomes's
Portals column in today's (21-Jul-2003) Wall Street Journal. Nothing
very deep, but a pretty good profile of the languages and creators
targeted towards business types. I would count it as quite favorable
publicity. It says Python and Perl are the top two scripting
languages. They rival C and Java in power and performance, but they
have kept their ease of use.

The article goes on to explain that languages have personalities.
There is a funny take on the differences in language philosophies.
The Python Way comes across as "my way or the highway." Larry Wall on
Perl, "God doesn't enforce morality on us, but prefers to let us
choose it. And if we are created in God's image, we ought to extend
the same courtsey." I guess those of us cast out of the Garden of
Perl have no right to complain that we are bound to the whims of a mad
dictator. We chose this path.

The article is good news, because it'll probably get an executive or
two to ask, "What is this Python stuff?"

-- Russ

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