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drs 07-18-2003 06:34 PM

Re: activex unhandled data type error
"Schilens, Jeremiah" <> wrote in message

> I'm using Python as an asp language and I've run
> into an error. I'm trying to import MySQLdb and
> I get this error on the web page:

> Error Type:
> Python ActiveX Scripting Engine, ASP 0106 (0x80020009)
> An unhandled data type was encountered.
> /computers/test.asp, line 5

> Line 5 is just the import statement. Does anyone
> know how to fix this or know of another way that
> works to query a mysql database?

w/o more I cannot help w/ the problem, but MySQL should be accessable via
ADO under IIS. See for more.


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