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Batista, Facundo 07-04-2003 03:01 PM

Very strange (never happende to me before):

Learning (and needing it) Unicode, in Dive Into Python found the
sys.setedefaultencoding() method. Very nice, but in the documentation of the
2.2.1 version, says that this method is new in 2.0 version.

I've got installed Python 2.1.1 and when I do dir(sys), don't get that
method!! Strange. And ugly, :(

So, two questions:

- Why this happens?
- How can I, by a different method, set the default encoding?

Thanks a lot.

Facundo Batista
Gestión de Red
(54 11) 5130-4643
Cel: 15 5132 0132

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