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John Hunter 06-27-2003 08:45 PM

Re: ICA - Independent Component Analysis
>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Churches <> writes:

Tim> There is a fastICA library for R (a free statistical analysis
Tim> environment) which does ICA and projection pursuit - see

Tim> If you want to access it from Python, try Walter Moreira's
Tim> excellent RPy module (see which embeds R
Tim> within your Python interpreter and provides an incredibly
Tim> smooth interface between the two (including the ability to
Tim> directly pass NumPy arrays to and from R). --

Great -- that looks perfect. I am confused about one thing. It
appears that fastica is an extension module that is not part of the
src I downloaded. If I install the extension, will I have to modify
rpy to use it from python, or is there some procedure so that this
will happen automagically?

John Hunter

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