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Syed J farooqi 01-23-2004 01:29 PM

CISCO and Juniper Interoperability
We are in the planning stage for Metro Ethernet services to be offered
by my organisation. The devices shortlisted are the 12000 series GSR
(P-Router) and the 7609/6509 as the PE/Dist and the 3550/2950 in the

This network has to integrate itself with a Juniper Core (M40 and
T160) already built and running. This core of junpers will be used for
intercity metro ethernet backhaul, Internet and for connectivity to
the outside world. The are planning to use Vlan CCC on the junipers
(reason being some devices already deployed are from atrica and in
order to interoperate, we need to connect the cisco's on a ccc). My
question here is how well do the CISCO boxes suppport the Juniper Vlan
ccc/extended Vlan ccc (ethernet CCC) and can i extend the CCC from the
Juniper box till the GSR (interoperate ?).

Consider the scnario as below in order to better understand my

---[xc]--[atrica]---[Vlan Tag-standard

I suppose my dilemma is clear now...

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